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MiniGPS 1.15
BloodyMessageДата: Пятница, 27.06.2008, 06:56 | Сообщение # 1
Группа: Главный АДМИН
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This is not a real GPS.
This elf shows values from you network towers which can be used to locate your mobile phone in the network.
You can assign names to these values which the elf will show instead of the numbers.
The ID will mostly also change if you don't move because your phone connects to different towers if there is more than one avaible.

Поддерживаемые телефоны:

- Log folder is configurable in MiniGPS.ini
- Logs are saved in datestamped files (YYYY-MM-DD.txt) (Dateformat and extension [ini or txt] configurable in MiniGPS.ini)
- Log format is: HH:MM:SS - [LAC:CellID] Name, where Name is the same as displayed on the standby screen (so it's LAC:CID when no name is configured)
- No more crashes on exit (I hope)
- LAC_MODE option removed (always shows correct order now)
- Vibrate on Location chnage - Different vibrate options (see ini)
- Keylock support (and IGNORE_KEYLOCK option)
- Customizable update interval
- Option to always update screen (solves disappearing location issue)
- Automatic profile changing based on location name (see ini)
- Added win1251(cyrillic)->unicode encoding
- Multiline support, a ~ (tilde) will begin a new line

Changes since 1.14
Added check for win2unicode_file

Changes since 1.13
bugfix: bad location display when win2unicode_file absent or not defined
bugfix: Ploik's error messages were in extended ascii for Russian display
bugfix: Corrected ini file [NEW_ACTION_TIMEOUT]

Changes since 1.12
Added error-message on start if no MiniGPS.ini is in ini folder

Changes since 1.11
added [CUSTOM_CID]: to ini file
added some memory management

Changes since 1.10
added win2unicode mapping from file
added timeout for actions

Changes since 1.09
If MiniGPS already is already started you can't start more instances.

Changes since 1.07:
P_, V_ and S_ options are only activated when location name changes (no longer on every LAC:CID change)
Locations starting with * will be hidden (but will still be logged)
Version number visible in BookManager
Included Stonos' feature to switch between displaying location name / LAC:CID (default key 0x04 is back key on K8xx)

Changes since 1.06:
Uses strcpy instead of strncopy so it should work on W810_R4EA031 again
CHAR_ENCODING option to enable Windows-1251 conversion (is now disabled by default)
Location based vibration
Location based audio playback

Changes since 1.05:
Fixed the bug that the profile doesn't change if your location uses a tilde (~)

Changes since 1.04:
Added a version number  (please update if you decide to publish a new version)
Corrected the spelling of Joker XT's name
Newlines in location names will now be logged as tildes (~)
Added profile number explanation to the sample ini


сам файл MiniGPS.ini положить в папку
в зависимости от вашего телефона

спасибо MouSeX за эльф

Thanks to copini, Stonos, zoyd, Joker XT and Ploik (I hope I forgot nobody)

tweaks by
Joker XT,Stonos

Прикрепления: MiniGPS1.13.zip (23.6 Kb) · miniGPS1.14.zip (23.6 Kb) · miniGPS1.15.zip (23.7 Kb)

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